Syllabi of B.Tech Courses: Third & Fourth Year*

(Restructured Erstwhile FYUP 2013-14 to Three Year Undergraduate Programme)

icon Polymer Science

Main Papers

Semester Paper no.
Semester-V Paper -11 Polymer Degradation
  Paper -12 Fiber Science and Rubber Technology
  Paper -13 Polymers in Packaging Technology
Semester-VI Paper -14 Tyre Technology
  Paper -15 Recycling & Waste Management
  Paper -16 Conducting Polymers


Semester Paper no.
Semester-VII Paper -17 Fiber Manufacturing Technology
  Paper -18 Speciality Polymers
  Paper -19 Research Methodology and Project Work
Semester-VIII Paper -20 Applied Polymer Science
  Paper -21 Polymeric Nanomaterials
  Paper -22 Research


Basic/Allied Engineering Science Papers

Semester-V Paper -1 Chemical Bonding
Semester-VI Paper -2 Engineering Graphics and Drawing
Semester-VII Paper -3 Basic Electronics
Semester-VIII Paper -4 Computer Programming and Fundamentals



(i) The Syllabi uploaded as sent by the Department concerned. Any query may kindly be addressed to the concerned Department.

(ii) As approved by the Academic Council dated 13th July 2015 and the Executive Council dated 20.7.2015, University of Delhi.


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